Kit’s Early Works, Part 1

I am aware it is Teaser Tuesday, but I am not yet hip to the whole twitter writing scene and so, for now, I abstain.  Well, that, and the fact that I just finished a (second? rewritten first? who knows?) draft and am not currently writing much of anything aside from a serial story and a joint project with a friend.  Also, I am never home and have no drafts at my fingertips to share.

Someday, internet, someday.

So, instead, I thought I would wax poetic about my earliest work.  At least, the earliest I can remember.  When I was eight, my mother got WordPerfect for the computer (an ancient relic that I’m not even sure what it was exactly).  I don’t remember what she was doing with it, whether it was for work or whether this was a time period where she was actively writing herself.  I grew up adoring (and still do) my mother, and of course I wanted to do whatever she did, so she patiently taught me the keyboard shortcuts (Goddess, keyboard shortcuts.  Thank goodness most word processing programs have moved past that madness) and let me have at it.

The first thing I wrote was a story called The Seven Princesses, but then I discovered a book at the library with the same title, so I renamed it to The Seven Special Princesses.  Brilliant, I know.   Each princess had a special talent that my eight-year-old self thought was important.  One was really good at painting.  One was really good at braiding hair.  (I suspect even my younger self thought that last one was a lame talent but couldn’t think of anything better.)  Each one had their own tale of a couple pages, mostly about them getting kidnapped and their sisters coming to their rescue with their inane special powers.

I wish I could say I still had this wonder of literature, but unfortunately when I was fourteen I decided that everything I had ever written previously was crap and destroyed the entire lot, hard and soft copies alike.  Someday I will build a time machine and go back and slap teenage!Kit upside the head.  For many reasons, really, but this is a major one.

2 responses to this post.

  1. You had special princesses. I had unicorns. My very first story got campnapped by a cocounselor and may well be in Madison or California now for all I know.


  2. The Seven Special Princesses?

    Still at least ten times better than my titles. Titles and I do not get along.


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