Thursday Round-up

NASA Continues Investigating Cracks in Space Shuttle Discovery’s External Tank
Ice Age Boneyard Find in Colorado Yields Treasures
NASA Discovers Youngest Nearby Black Hole
NASA Starts Thinking About Interstellar Travel
Martian Sunset
Thinking Like an Octopus
CERN Creates and Traps Antimatter

Review of Anthony Huso’s The Last Page
John Scalzi gives us Misleading Descriptions for Scifi/Fantasy movies

Misc Books
Bookstore Receives Marijuana in the Mail
15 Unfilmable Books
Books come from Bookland

John Scalzi’s plea to MFA programs and students
Strengthening Your Writing by Not Writing
Journalists and Novelists Defecting to Video Game Industry
National Book Awards Do Not Consider Fairy Tales
Why I Quit NaNoWriMo But You Shouldn’t

Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup
Super Grandma

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