Thursday Round-up

Things have been a bit slow this week.  I suspect everyone’s eaten too many cookies.

NASA’s New Idea on Cheap, Easy Launches
Discovery is returned to the VAB in an attempt to figure out external tank issues
Time lapse video of the lunar eclipse for those who missed it

Win a Phin and an ARC of A Brush of Darkness
Tor brings you the Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Misc Books
The Library at Pooh Corner

Does Your Writing Pass These 10 Tests?
10 Ways to Tighten up Your Writing

Just so everyone knows, the likelihood of there being blog posts next week are extremely slim.  So I wish everyone cheer and joy this holiday season, and I shall see you in 2011!


One response to this post.

  1. I really like the writing articles. Keep up the good info links. Back to that never ending first draft for me!


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