Farewell, January

I think, since I obligatorily New Year posted at you, that I am somehow under contract to tell you how January went.  Don’t worry, I don’t intend to tell you my goals every month nor tell you how they went.  Unless you want me to.  In which case, you should let me know, because I am under the impression that no one cares.

Anyway, if you don’t want to click back to what I said at the beginning of January, I shall summarize for you.  Goals for the month went something like this:
-finish and submit story for anthology
-edit story and submit to ABNA
-write on collab story
-write on serial story
-rewrite first chapter of book on submission
-write 15K on main story

I also made predictions about which of the above would get done (guess what, I was right) and talked briefly about my goal to read 50 books this year and a weight loss challenge I’m in with my mother and sister.

Tada, I have saved you from reading the previous entry, but now you must feed the landsquid or it will nibble on your toes.

Also, a friend wrote me a story about space squid which is completely random and irrelevant to this entry, but it made my day.  So.

Status report!  Writing went as I predicted.  The anthology story and the ABNA submission got done because they had deadlines.  The collab and serial stories got worked on because they are fun and easy to squeeze in.  (We’re almost to the climax on the collab.  I AM EXCITE.  Sorry, I spend too much time on the internet.)  The rewrite and the main story got screwed, as predicted, though I did open the rewrite document once.  Wooooo.  And drew a picture of the main character of the main story, which helps nothing at all.  And then my husband poked a hole in my worldbuilding so now I have to deal with that.

I also plotted out two additional stories to write, though Landsquid knows when I’m going to get to them.  Dear Kit, please stop plotting stories.  You have seven plotted out and are already writing three stories.  Plus you need to edit.

I’ve read four books and am over halfway through two more, so reading goes on schedule.

I have lost a few pounds, which is not terribly encouraging, but my pants are starting to slip off, so minor victory?  I admit I am not really dedicated to the cause.  I am not watching what I eat at all, though I was exercising daily until I was derailed yesterday by snow.  Snooooooow.

How go your goals for the year/month?  How’s 2011 treating you?


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