Ghost Stories

I have been reading a ridiculous amount of ghost stories lately.  Usually in the bright daylight, because I’m the sort of person that will freak myself out and then I will end up spending the night with the lights on watching Disney movies.  (I watched Cartoon Network once, but I either found or managed to dream the most disturbing Flintstones episode of all time, so that is no longer an option.)

I swear this isn’t random.  In the science fiction serial I’ve been working on, there’s a black cat.  I knew I wanted the cat to be important, but I wasn’t sure how, and so I put “cat protectors” into Google and somehow found a website called  It’s user submitted stories and pictures, and while some stories are obvious hoaxes, a lot of them read “true” enough.

I did end up finding a purpose for my cat (elsewhere) but I find the stories to be interesting and I’ve found some things that I might use for a dark fantasy novel I’m planning.  The comments are a treasure-trove, full of people offering solutions to various ghostly issues and recommending things not to do.  It is brilliant.  I do wish the search function worked better so I could search for stories pertaining to certain things (mirrors, doors, portals) because right now I have to haphazardly jump from story to story.

I am a bit worried that I will eventually manage to scare myself silly anyway, but I persist in my reading for now.

How do you feel about stories of the paranormal?  Silly, scary, good story fodder?  Inquiring minds (and landsquid) want to know.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve been tossing an idea for a series of blogs about amature ghost hunting! I would love to hook up with a ghost hunting team and do a series of blogs and tweets of my expirence in real time.

    I’m also a writer of sci/fi and fantasy so it fits nicely.

    Do keep in touch! Our blogs seem like we might have some common intrests.


  2. I like a good ghost story. Even wrote one once. But… I find them a little harder to write.


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