Alpaca vs Landsquid: The Results (Plus the Comfort Books Theory)

Anne reminded me yesterday that I’d never truly ended the Alpaca/Landsquid/Sky Shark battle in any sort of fashion.

For those of you too lazy to go and find the results of the poll (myself included), here’s how things resolved themselves.

30% of people voted for the Landsquid.
35% of people voted for the Alpaca.
35% of people voted for the Sky Shark.

Now, I was pleased that everyone was so close, but Anne informs me that the Sky Shark should have won handily and only didn’t because Ian was strong-arming people into voting for the Alpaca, and I’ve got a Landsquid who won’t come and help me do anything because he’s sulking with a box of Cheez-Its and a bottle of whiskey under the stairs.  So.

As to the Comfort Book theory, my theory was that people’s comfort books would either be something they read very early on in life or would be something that they’d read during a difficult time period, but I don’t think I got enough data to make any sort of conclusions on that front.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Um, I’m not lazy and you should really go back and check that poll. Alpacas won, 38% to 33%.

    And I didn’t strong-arm anyone. I offered wise counsel and the plurality of voters chose (wisely) to follow it. Self-preservation as motivation for voting for the greater of the two evils (because I don’t count sky sharks as even close to evil) is totally legit.

    You should apply for a grant to study the Comfort Book Theory. CBT could provide us with the answer to finding true happiness! Definitely worth looking into!



      I had just checked! And the poll was, in theory at least, closed! I don’t know how you managed it, Ian, but I’m watching you.


      • Alpaca know people. Well placed people. Well placed everywhere, including online polling companies.

        Don’t antagonize the alpaca!

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