Hooray, October!

It’s October, Squiders!  Best month of the year. Bold claim, I know, but how can you resist?  The leaves are turning on the trees, the heat of summer is burning off, and then there’s Halloween and my birthday and Nano-planning, oh my.

(Yes, I know y’all don’t care about my birthday, but nevertheless, the statement is true.)

We’re going to have a Nano-focused article here at Where Landsquid Fear to Tread every week until November hits.  And then, depending on how we’re feeling, we might keep going through November as well.

Also, just a reminder that we’ll be discussing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix next Monday, October 10.

For my fellow writers, what are your November plans? Doing Nano? What are you going to be working on? Not doing Nano? Why not?

3 responses to this post.

  1. I am doing nano. I will be working on yet another book in my sci-fi series. But I **MUST** **MUST** **MUST** map it out this month.

    Crap, it’s the 6th of October already? Running out of time!



    • We could have a plotting write-in over Skype, perhaps.


      • You’re a veritable fountain of good ideas. First babies in baskets, now this. Capital idea! Capital!

        I’ll have my people call your people. 🙂

        (Have I told you how much I miss our Sunday OVC write-ins? I haven’t? Must be a good reason for that, though it escapes me at the moment. 😛 )

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