What Did I Read in 2011?

Every year I keep track of what I read, what genre it was, and what I thought of it (on a five point scale). This past year, 2011, I also started keeping track of publication year.

Here are the 2011 stats:

Books read in 2011: 53
Change from 2010: +2

Of those:
16 were Nonfiction
12 were Fantasy
5 were Science Fiction
4 were Mystery
3 were Steampunk
3 were General Literature
2 were Science Fantasy
2 were Romance
1 was Young Adult
1 was Humor
1 was Paranormal
1 was Horror
1 was Historical Fiction
1 was a genreless anthology

New genres: Humor, Paranormal, Science Fantasy

Genres that went up: Nonfiction, General Literature
Genres that went down: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction, Thrillers (none read at all)

Guess it wasn’t a very genre-y (or even a very fiction-y) year.

21 were my books (3 were ebooks, 1 I originally got from the library but later bought)
24 were from the library
8 I borrowed from friends or family

Average rating: 3.29

Top Rated:
Incarceron (4.5)
Mr. Midshipman Hornblower (4.2)
Behemoth (4)
Witches, Werewolves, and Fairies (4)
First Contact (4)
Sapphique (4)
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (4)
Mindless Eating (4)

No 5’s this year.  That’s kind of sad.

Most recent publication year: 2011
Oldest publication year: 1883
Average publication year: 1998
Books Older than 1900: 2
Books Newer than (and including) 2000: 42

If you have any questions about anything specific, please let me know! I love to share reading suggestions (and receive them) but I figure you guys don’t want to see my book list as it’s updated.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Props to you for keeping such meticulous records. I’ve found that I’ve read a lot fewer books since I started editing them. (I think when you read and think about words all day, you can get burned out.) I wonder how many other copy editors that happens with.


    • I’ve heard that from some other people as well, but I haven’t experienced it yet myself. Not sure if it’s because I don’t edit fiction exclusively, or if I tend to work on novels that aren’t my usual reading genres.


  2. Were you counting genre books as outside of young adult? I think there are four in your top rated I would call young adult on some level.


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