The Year of Doing

I feel like I should get my act together. Sure, I’ve sold a good amount of shorts in the past year (I sold one today, hoorah) but I’m starting to think that I’m using them to procrastinate my real goals – like, why edit my YA paranormal novel when I can whip out a short story about Norse gods pretending to be private eyes? Yet the novel writing is what I love and I want to get more out into the world.

Drastic measures may be needed.

I would like to get at least two novels ready to go this year: one for submission to agents, and one for submission to Turtleduck Press. Obviously I can’t trust myself to get things done on my own, so monthly steps need to be taken.

Those are my goals for the Year of Doing, and I thought I would invite others – no matter what your big goals for 2012 are – to post you big goals here, and every month we’ll check in and see how progress is going. If you know specifically what you’re going to do for your monthly steps, you can post them here as well.

So what do you want to get done, Squiders?


3 responses to this post.

  1. “Year of Doing” is a great motto. I wish you luck with your goals. As for mine, I’m setting up my own copy editing business, and I really hope to get into grad school this fall to study linguistics. (Wish me luck, too.)


  2. You are making me want to read about Norse deities masquerading as private eyes.

    I would like to finish a rewrite of a novel draft in addition to my reading goals. There’s also lots to do in the library.


  3. I want to finish (as in publication-ready) Fey Touched and publish it with TDP. I’d also like to write another novel (prolly the sequel), and make uber progress on my HTRYN lessons (I finally finished lesson 8!).


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