Snow Day

We’ve got about two feet of snow – it started about 6 pm last night and has yet to stop. My dog thinks it is the best thing in the world. So does my husband – we’ve ventured out twice today – once to acquire a sled (sadly – or not so sadly, a failure) and another time for snow shoes.

I’m afraid to say I accomplished nothing today. My husband was supposed to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity for work, but that got snowed out. Then he thought he’d go skiing, but that got snowed out as well. (How ironic.) Since he was around, it seemed silly to try to get anything done, mostly because he is mostly incapable of entertaining himself. (Though he and the dog went out to play in the snow a half-dozen times. He called it shoveling the walk – a bit fruitless in my opinion, seeing how the snow has yet to stop – but I know the truth.)

So early on, I gave up on the idea of productivity and embraced the snow day. I tried to remember what I used to do when faced with an unexpected day off of school – but honestly, we only ever had a handful, the last one being during my senior of year of high school. It had stopped snowing by 10 am and was warm, so my friends and I went sledding without coats or snow gear of any kind. That was fairly epic. But the last time I had a true snow day, where I was trapped in my house with just my family…who knows?

There’s not really a point to this post. I’ve had a lovely, relaxing day, and at this point, the snow has eaten my brain. If this storm hits you, ride it out. Embrace it for what it is. True snow days only come along so often.


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