A Slight Feeling of Isolation

It’s no secret that I believe in the more social aspects of writing. Writing groups, critique groups, writing partners, the whole nine yards. I love writing, I would do it regardless, but there’s something very satisfying about working with other writers to hone your craft.

It just seems like recently, nothing is working out to help me get my other writers fix. I went to a critique group a few weeks ago, but it meets at the unfortunate time of Saturday night, but I have a social life and a husband and am rarely available then. It’s hard to build relationships when you only show up once in a blue moon.

My Wednesday night group seems to be meeting less and less often, and we can’t seem to find a reliable location that fits everyone’s needs. We have an online part as well, but most of the non-local people have dropped off. I haven’t even heard from them in a few months now. More and more often I find myself alone at my local coffee shop, which is admittedly more productive but less satisfying.

Even my online writing community, which has been a staple for the past five years, seems a bit quiet. Most of the people I’m closest to have been busy and distant, and even my writing partner has been so busy lately that last week was the first time we got to work together in several months.

I know socialization isn’t essential to the writing process, but there are times when I can’t help but feel a bit lonely, especially in the middle of the day when everyone else is at their “real” jobs.

Any suggestions, Squiders?


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  1. Hi Siri, I too, do not have a REAL job, so I go out to the gym and hang out with the gym rats for awhile, that gets me out of the heads of my POV characters for a little bit. Nice website, by the way.


  2. Posted by Juliana on 2012/02/16 at 1:18 AM

    No suggestions, either, but I wanted to commiserate a little. Been feeling a little lonely, too. *hugs*


  3. Alas, no suggestions here either, except maybe look for / start a group that meets on a night good for you? Or form a crit AND D&D group that crits first, then games (or vice versa)?

    I know I’ve been less than stellar in my attendance for my writing groups of late. It was easier when I was unemployed and childless, but now I find life a bit more…demanding? Anyway, that’s my excuse. Maybe the others are going through (temporary) phases too?




    I get my fix of writers from the places you mentioned and also from Twitter. By now, I’m following enough writers that there’s a lot of chatter in my feed and always someone to commiserate with. (It’s possible that midday during the week is super quiet, although plenty of my followees do live in drastically different timezones and/or work at home, so maybe not.) #wordmongering is one of my favourite spots for a real-time writing hangout.

    On a more personal note, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep in touch as much lately. Augh. 😦 I’d be up for a weekly writing date if that would help….


    • You can be Spartacus all you want, darling. 😛

      I will let you know about a writing date. The issue is that during the day is better for me, and everyone else is busy.


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