Boo on You, Network Television

I am swearing off network television. Admittedly I only follow, at most, a show at a time, but with rare exceptions science fiction and fantasy don’t fare very well. So I get into a show and it invariably gets cancelled. And I wonder why I bother. Wouldn’t I have been better off just never having watched at all, instead of getting involved and being forever without answers as to what is/was happening?

(We talked about this a bit back in August.)

Back in August, we were watching Falling Skies and debating watching Terra Nova. Well, long story short, the attraction of time travel and dinosaurs proved to be too much, and so my husband and I tuned into Terra Nova. And admittedly at points it was really corny, but I really liked it. I liked that it wasn’t dark all the time like so much of scifi feels it needs to be. And man, the season finale was amazing, promising at all sorts of new mysteries.

So of course it gets cancelled. The show ended in December and they just announced the cancellation last week, after dragging it out for months, waffling so much that they renewed some of the actors’ contracts before doing so.

I knew, since it was on Fox, that it stood a good chance of not making it to a second season, but I’m still disappointed. It seemed to be fairly well-received and was getting decent viewership, plus, come on, dinosaurs.

Between this and FlashForward the year before, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth my time to tune into any new show. Maybe I should just wait until they get a second season before I tune in, just in case.

(Falling Skies, by the by, got a second season, hurrah. So I’m 1 out of 3 of my last three shows.)

How goes your television viewing, Squiders? Breaking your heart? Or does your favorite show continue on? Any recommendations to heal the dinosaur-shaped hole in my life?

2 responses to this post.

  1. PBS has an excellent dinosaur drama. It’s called Dinosaur Train.

    I’d recommend Barney and Friends (also PBS), but it got really dark the last few seasons (hint: theme song changed to “I hate you, you hate me, let’s all kill our family!” – shocking).


  2. […] talked in the past, Squiders, about science fiction and television. And we’ve got a new crop trying their hand now. (Personally, I’ve been re-watching […]


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