April Fools!

I can hear you now. Kit, you say, shaking your head, do you have a ceiling turtle gnawing on your brain? It’s still March. April 1st is next Monday; you blog on Mondays. You could do an April Fools post then.

Let me say to you: I don’t get April Fools. I can never think of anything good. All the ideas I have are invariably cruel in some way, and I would never actually do them.

But we’re not talking about that.

April Fools is a writing challenge that happens in – you guessed it – April. You can pick any word count goal you want, starting at 500 words and going up to whatever (I have seen people declare – and make – 300,000 words. And then I never saw them again, so I assume they died in the process.), and there are fun things to help you along, like pips and status bars (usually available every 5K). There are also word count clubs so if you’re only doing 5K you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the people doing 70K.

I know April is a bad month for writing challenges for a lot of people because of school and finals and oh, God, it’s so pretty out, so what’s nice about AF is that is allows you to count words written for school or work, if you so choose. (I never choose.)

For those that like to stick closer to Nano Central, April is also the month for their screenwriting challenge Script Frenzy. (Or Screnzy, as I like to call it.)

For those that are torn, you can count your Screnzy words for AF. Just saying.

Writing challenges, go!

Oh, I do want to apologize for missing Monday’s update. I had a big project I needed to get done, and then my brain died. (Possibly from ceiling turtles.)

Next week is going to be Kit’s Grammar Week, so if that appeals to you, stick around! Tell your friends! Send me flowers!

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