Warp Travel: Back in Style

Back in June, we discussed why interstellar travel has fallen out of favor.

NASA, however, has once again proven they are awesome and given hope to all us interstellar travel fans who hope to see it more popular in science fiction again.

Last week, NASA announced that they’d figured out a way to significantly cost the amount of energy necessary to travel faster-than-light, bringing it into the realm of possibility. And they think they’ll be able to cut it even more with just a little more work.

(NASA: the only place you can work with a freaking warp drive.)

That’s right, a warp drive, just like in Star Trek, where space-time is warped around the ship, which is contained in a warp bubble. (Little did they know what they were proposing was actually plausible. Or maybe they did. I don’t know.) Unlike the Enterprise, however, the ship would be football-shaped, encircled by a large-ring that did the actually space-time bending.

There are several articles on this lovely lovely news, one of which can be found here. In fact, you’ve probably already read one, because this was a featured news story on my phone.

So join in me in rejoicing, Squiders. Interstellar travel is not dead, and it never should have been deemed so.

(My apologies for the total lack of a post on Tuesday. I wish I had an excuse. I don’t, but I do have a terrible memory.)

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