Snow: A Nano Analogy

I’m not sure why every time it snows my blog post is late. It makes no sense. Anyway, my brain is in strange analogy mode, so off we go.

I was out for a walk (yes, in the snow) and I got to thinking that snow can be a bit like Nanowrimo.

No, I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain.

Specifically, it’s like the excitement of Nano. It comes down light and fluffy and, even though you know you’re going to have to drive to work in it tomorrow, it gets you all excited.

And then it covers everything up and makes everything look pretty, much like Nano excitement is wont to do. You don’t notice that you don’t have enough plot, or that your main character has no personality, because hoorah, Nano!

But then it keeps coming, and keeps coming, and while you’re pretty sure you still like it, you may be getting a little tired of it. Also, it gets in your shoes, and damp socks suck.

And when it melts away, you find that underneath there’s rotting leaves and dead grass and last week’s newspaper. Everything that was hidden is now visible again and, even worse, soggy.

But oh, while it’s white and pristine, it’s so very pretty, and each time it starts, you can’t help but fall in love with it all over again. And get out your cocoa.

Am I crazy, Squiders? (We’re a week away, and I’ve yet to outline, eek.)

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