What Did I Read in 2012?

Each year I keep track of what I read, genre and publication year, and what I thought of each book. And then I do nerdy statistics with said data.

Books read in 2012: 52
Change from 2011: -1

Of those:
11 were Fantasy
9 were Science Fiction
6 were Mystery
5 were Nonfiction
5 were Science Fantasy
3 were Romance*
2 were Children’s
2 were General Literature
2 were Horror
2 were Thrillers
1 was Chick Lit
1 was Gothic
1 was Historical Fiction
1 was Paranormal
1 was Young Adult**

*includes all subgenres of romance
**genre YA is included with the genre

New genres: Gothic, Thrillers, Chick Lit, Children’s

Genres that went up: Science Fiction, Mystery, Science Fantasy, Romance, Horror
Genres that went down: Fantasy, Nonfiction, General Literature

Pretty good spread, if I do say so myself.

27 were my books (5 were ebooks, 1 I originally got from the library but later bought)
18 were from the library
7 I borrowed from friends or family

Average Rating: 3.44

Top Rated:
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (4.5)
Parable of the Sower (4.3)
Catching Fire (4)
Dark Companion (4)
Elantris (4)
Lieutenant Hornblower (4)
Many Waters (4)
The Secret Circle II (4)
What the Lady Wants (4)
Your Best Birth (4)

Special mention for The Darkest Road and Anna Dressed in Blood, both of which got a 3.9. Still no 5’s, but it’s nice to see that most of my top books this year are in my favorite genres.

Most recent publication year: 2012
Oldest publication year: 1886
Average publication year: 1988
Books Older than (and including) 1900: 3
Books Newer than (and including) 2000: 27

Let me know if you’re interested in seeing the full list.

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