2013 Blog Direction

First, a little horn-tooting: I’ve got a new story up over at Turtleduck Press, a haunting tale of family secrets. You don’t have to take my word for it, though–here are a couple things readers have said to me about it:

“It’s a great story, subtle and building.” –KD Sarge
“Subtle, wistful, and a little creepy.” –Siri Paulson
“It’s pretty chilling.” –Erin Zarro
“That gave me goosebumps. That captivated me. It was WONDERFULLY written.” -a reader on a message board

So, you know, up to you. Now, onto business. I have a poll here. Please let me know which types of posts you’re enjoying, and which sorts of posts you’d like more of, either through the poll or the comments, and I shall try to be accommodating. Otherwise, I hope everyone’s having a lovely Fat Tuesday.

(I get PANCAKES for dinner. I am so excited, it’s like I’m six.)

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  1. […] I cannot actually access said poll here, unfortunately, so I am going to have to send you to my blog’s main host. Please head over here. […]


  2. […] If you haven’t voted in Tuesday’s poll, please […]


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