I Haven’t Seen the New Star Trek Movie and I’m Starting to Get Upset

Squiders, the Star Trek movie has been out for two weeks. Do you know what the last Trek movie I didn’t see on opening day/night was? Generations. Or possibly the Undiscovered Country. It was some time in the mid-90s.

Now, I understand that I am an adult now and I have responsibilities that must be taken care of instead of watching movies, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

The biggest stumbling block is, of course, our new addition to the family. And despite the fact that all sets of grandparents repeatedly tell us how happy they are to watch him at any point in time, the fact remains that I sit here, on the internet, trying to avoid spoilers.

You’ve been on the internet. You know how impossible that can be, especially when you are friends with fellow nerds, all of whom either don’t have children or have better babysitting set-ups.

Now, I don’t mind people talking about it. I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding spoilers. And I’ve been kind of lukewarm about the movie. But at this point, with the amount of times we’ve tried to go see the movie, it’s starting to feel like a bad comedy.

I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that things finally align and we can go either tomorrow or Saturday, but at this rate the movie will probably be out on video before we can get there. (We still haven’t seen the Hobbit, mixed reviews and all.)

Suggestions, Squiders? Not really a big deal, I know, and yet…

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  1. First of all, may I go out on a limb that will probably get my head taken off in the geekasphere here and say, you’re not missing out with the Hobbit. Don’t worry, you’ll get to wince through its three hours of dwarfsposition in good time. (Harsh, I know)
    Star Trek Into Darkness, please, make it happen. This is a movie that is well worth the extra effort to go see it in theaters. Is it Oscar worthy? Far from it. But it’s incredibly entertaining and extra awesome, extra large. Good luck getting to the theater!


    • I’d heard about the Hobbit (I was a bit leery when they went to 3 movies–even 2 seemed a bit much) but I think I have to revoke my geek cred if I don’t see it eventually.


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