Holy Frijoles!

Know what’s crazy, Squiders? Turtleduck Press is three years old! Once it was just a pipe dream, but now we’ve got three years of novels, anthologies and short stories under our belt, and, to celebrate, we’re releasing a special volume of our best short work to date.

Two–well, three–excellent things about this volume:

1) The four works chosen for it are all super-awesome.

2) You can get it in whatever digital form you want for less than a dollar! (If you are American. Mileage may vary in other currencies.)

3) It’s got a preview for my novel, Shards, which is being released in December.

And you all will be pleased to know that I finished my edit and got it turned in to my editor on time and everything. Scandalous.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? If you like awesome stories and have a dollar, you should get on this. Information can be found here.

But enough of that. What’s up with you guys? Read/watched anything good lately? My husband and I are super far behind on this season of Falling Skies.


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