Obligatory Fall TV Post

As we’ve talked about before, Squiders, I am terrible at TV (my husband and I are still very slowly making our way through the last season of Falling Skies, which I think ended in August), but I like this trend toward trying out new science fiction and fantasy shows that we seem to be on recently, so I’ve picked my show for the season.

If you guessed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you don’t know me very well.

Of the new shows this season, which best integrates my love of mythology, of twisting well-known things and making them darker, of integrating different legends into each other?

That’s right, I’ve thrown my lot in with Sleepy Hallow.

I read the original story last year, or maybe the year before, and I gotta say, I wasn’t really impressed. I can see why it’s prevailed through the years–there’s the smallest hints that something more might be going on, and I think there’s something in us as a species that can’t resist that more.

Anyway, to the TV show. They’ve basically thrown everything out the window except the names (and the headless horseman) and mixed in witches, time travel, conspiracy, and the Apocalypse, and I love it a lot. Not unilaterally, by any means, but I am greatly enjoying myself, and what’s more, the actors look like they’re greatly enjoying themselves, so everybody’s happy.

(My biggest complaints thus far are that someone should get poor Ichabod some new clothes–not, you know, the ones he was buried in–and that it feels the occasional need to beat you over the head with plot points when they’ve already told you them five times already.)

Almost Human, however, also looks interesting, so I may take a peek at that one too when it comes out. I love Karl Urban (I will admittedly watch almost anything that has any Star Trek actor in, bar none–which is how I found FlashForward and I’m still annoyed that they canceled it–and I am generally not disappointed) and the premise looks cool, but poor network scifi shows. (Terra Nova, you died too soon!)

And then occasionally I watch Castle because it’s kind of a mix of police procedural and cozy mystery and it’s silly and I enjoy silly. And I’m feeling magnanimous toward them because they didn’t completely muck up the last season’s cliffhanger like I thought they were going to.

What are you watching this fall, Squiders? Anything you’re really enjoying? (Are you on the Sleepy Hallow bandwagon too? How much in love with Ichabod are you? Be honest.)


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