I’m Exhausted; Have a Landsquid

I really meant to have an interesting post for you guys today, Squiders. I know we’ve done a lot of talking recently about publishing and mythology and I feel like some of you guys probably haven’t been getting the articles you want (and, please, if there’s more of something you’d like to see, leave a comment and I shall make it so).

But between freelance work, contract writing, and marketing, I’m burnt out.

So I drew you a landsquid. Actually, I drew you several landsquid, both by hand and by tablet, and the first eight were terrible. The Landsquid is as tried as I am. (Also, he has ceiling turtles. At least I am currently free from that scourge.)


If you haven’t been by the website lately, there’s new bonus material and extras, as well as more information about Shards itself, including a book description. New stuff continues to go up on the Pinterest board, and here’s the first review of Shards.

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