Moving On When a Project is Done

(For those of you who are into mythology, here’s the Bible mythology post at Paranormal Unbound and the angel mythology post at Amalia Dillin’s.)

(If you like interviews, here’s one, here’s another, and here’s a third in which I make silly faces at the camera because I don’t know what I’m doing. And also get distracted about missing quotation marks in published books.)

The past week has been very strange. Friday came around, and I finished up all my guest posts and interviews and sent everything off to their respective recipients, and I made sure Shards was on Goodreads and that everything would go live appropriately and…then, all of a sudden, I had nothing to do with myself.

I mean, I’ve been working on Shards non-stop since last December when Turtleduck Press accepted it for publication. I did research, I did extensive outlining, I edited the heck out of the thing and, once I’d submitted the manuscript to the editor, I alternated between doing additional edits, working on getting the cover ready, and putting my marketing plan into full speed ahead mode (which involved a lot of emailing people. And a lot of reading things). And even when everything was in its place, I still needed to get things out to people and make sure I had avenues for announcing the release.

And now…now…it’s mostly done. I still have a few more things to send out, a few more people to contact, a couple more ads to set up, but for all intent and purpose, it’s done. It’s been released into the world where I no longer have full control of it. I need to move on.

No matter how many times I get to the end of something I’ve been really involved in, mind, body, and soul, I always forget about this weird listless, almost depressed, feeling I get when something has ended. Like the purpose has been drained out of life. And, at the same time, I’m excited to move on to the next thing, yet I can’t quite seem to get up the motivation to do so.

If I could ever remember that I go through this every time, I would remember that it helps to have a new, low-stress project on hand, usually in an area completely unrelated to the one I just finished. Like, I might go work on that Alaska trip scrapbook since it’s been four years since we actually took that trip. Or maybe I will just flail around about Christmas for the next three weeks.

What do you do, Squiders, when you get really into something and then it ends? Wrapped any big projects up lately?

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  1. I hear you on the listless and sort-of-depressed feeling. That’s how I feel right now that Grave Touched is with Siri. I STILL haven’t chosen a new project (well, besides book 3) and suspect I need a break.


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