Too Many Books (and a ROW80 Check-in)

I have this problem, Squiders, where I start new books when I am in the middle of other books.

Normally it’s not that big of a deal. It’s usually only two books at a time–one on my nightstand for pre-bedtime reading, and one on my e-reader for when I am out and about.

Sometimes it’s three.

But I sat down yesterday and looked at the books I was reading, and it was five. Five at once!

(I finished one this morning, so I am down to four now. And hopefully I shall finish another within the next day and then we will be back down to a reasonable level.)

Looking back, I can see how I got here. I had my ebook and my bedtime book. And then, I had my bathtime book. This started a few months ago, because the bedtime book I was reading I had borrowed from a friend, and it was autographed and everything so I didn’t want it anywhere near potential water damage. And then I checked some books out from the library, and of course I needed to start the library books because I only have a short time to read them in.

The fifth one I found under the nightstand in the small, mobile one’s room, where I apparently last left it in August. But I remember where I was and what was happening, so it was added back in to the rotation.

The problem with being in the middle of so many books is that I don’t really want to read any of them, because it’s too much work to get back into the world because there’s too many worlds going at once. I think the only thing keeping me sane is that they’re all different genres. (I always ALWAYS try not to overlap genres. Trying to read two of the same genre at the same time is too confusing. I also tend not to read the genre I am currently writing in for the same reason. I am managing to read and write high fantasy at the moment, however, because the two worlds are so different that they have nothing in common.)

Speaking of writing, ROW80 continues to go well now that I have my handy spreadsheet. As of yesterday, I am 4 words ahead of where I should be, so that’s lovely. I’m also almost 40K into the draft itself, which means I’ve put in over 25K since I picked the story back up, and 15K since ROW80 started. It continues to be excellent to be writing a first draft again after the editing work I’ve been doing over the past few years.

How’s your Thursday, Squiders? We’re supposed to get about a foot of snow overnight, but I’m a bit skeptical. (Also, how many books can you successfully juggle at one time?)

4 responses to this post.

  1. I am a habitual reader of many books; I’m usually reading six at a time…and I LIKE that. I think being a writer ties into it; I’m working on seven different books right now, too. Frequent world jumper, that’s my problem. I get the question “How can you keep them all straight?” very often, but I find I never have a problem. There’s just too many great worlds out there, I want to delve into all of them, and I guess that means delving through quite a few of them at once. Does this diminish the experience? Maybe. But I can’t see myself experiencing them any other way.

    So I support a multi-book problem. It only gets easier with time, maybe?


    • I don’t know, I think I much prefer the two or three at a time idea. That’s normally as many writing projects as I do at a time as well.

      More power to you for all that juggling, though!


  2. I can normally only juggle about two.
    P.S, I like this site! Looks rather interesting. Found this on twitter, sort of new to the whole 140 characters thing, being a writer. Tweet me, of find me on Facebook?


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