Origins and Interlude

Well, squiders, I’m still in sort of a weird mood due to finishing my draft.

I get kind of bogged down at the end of a project, and weirdly nostalgic, and I read through all sorts of things–story notes, the book itself, related books (which is taking me a while, because not only are there three books in the trilogy, but Hidden Worlds is remotely related), notes on other stories in the same universe, etc.

And, in the case of this high fantasy trilogy, because the main characters were originally role-play characters of mine from when I was a teenager, I went through and reread a lot of my old logs and stories from the role-play as well.

(It was a Star Trek role-play.)

So I’ve been highly unproductive lately, and don’t really have much to say, but I thought I’d link you guys to a post I wrote over at Turtleduck Press last week which is directly related.

(Also, purely FYI, I blog over at TDP once a month, generally the second Tuesday of each month.)

Do you guys find yourselves retracing your steps at the end of a big project? Or is this something weird onto myself?

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