The Video That My Inner Editor Loves (Plus a ROW80 Check-in)

Well, my edit’s hit more bumps. I’ve decided it’s best to add in a new character who’s got to be integrated into at least two of the subplots, so I’m going back through and making new conflict arcs for him, and then I’ve got to re-outline the entire story past when he shows up. (Which is chapter 6 or 7, I believe.)

His addition is going to give a lot more depth and strength to the two subplots in general, but it’s still a pain. Oh well.

So ROW80 has been pretty much a miss for me so far. I need to get my act together. Hopefully next week I’ll have good news.

I need to focus on that right now, so I’m sharing Weird Al’s new music video with you. As an editor, it makes me more happy than it probably should.


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