Winter Has Come

Do you ever have those days–or weeks in this case–where your ability to adult just kind of falls apart?


I’m going to at least partially blame it on the weather. We dropped below freezing mid-morning on Monday and have yet to climb back out, and it’s been lazily snowing ever since. It’s hard to be super productive when the precipitation can’t even be bothered to fall out of the sky at a reasonable rate.

(Our high today was 8 degrees. Fahrenheit. Tomorrow we might make double digits.)

This isn’t technically the first snow of the year but it’s definitely our first real cold blast, and my reaction to early season snows and cold is almost invariably to plant myself on or near the couch, binge watch whatever, read books, drink cocoa, and curl up in a blanket.

Not the best for productivity.

Luckily I eventually adapt to the season and the snow doesn’t make me want to hibernate quite as much.

The other part of it is probably a combination of a bunch of editing work and Nano. More work than usual + hibernating = decrease in nonessential adult activities.

Anyway, I apologize for the latest of this post, and the fact that it doesn’t include any real content. It’s supposed to get into the 40s by the end of the week, so hopefully my motivation will wander back this way before then.

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