How Important is Your Writing Space?

We’re just going to question everything, apparently.

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about the importance of setting up your writing space. In theory, I think this is supposed to increase your productivity or the ease of your writing flow or something along those lines.

And do they?

You’ll have to correct me, Squiders, if I am wildly off-base, but I kind of feel like the whole “writing space” thing is just a way to procrastinate set up as creativity.

Is it good to have some place dedicated to writing? Oh, probably. You certainly need somewhere where you can work, where your kids/significant other/cat won’t bother you, some place where you can relax and get things done. But does it need to be this big ToDo, with fancy wall hangings and inspired decor?

I would argue no.


Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I write all over the place. I write at the library. I write at various coffee shops. And even around the house, I write in the office, at the dining room table, in front of the TV while my husband plays Skyrim. Sometimes I write in bed (though not often because frankly it’s not that comfortable and because the laptop gets suspiciously hot to the touch).

And maybe there are people out there who can only write in one spot, and only if things are laid out in the best creative feng shui, but that seems inefficient to me and I kind of feel sorry for those people.

But because people like these sort of things, here’s my “writing space” (where I am currently writing this blog post, and where I do my freelance editing work, and write my serial and short stories, and sometimes novels, and also where I pay my bills, play on Tumblr, and listen to the current music of choice).

The space itself:
Writing space

You’ll notice there’s lots of books. And tribbles. And crocheted squids.

You’ll also notice that it’s wedged in the corner instead of facing my lovely, large bay window where I could, in theory, spy on my neighbors, because my “writing space” shares a room with my husband’s desk, the filing cabinet, our library, and occasionally a large puzzle in the middle of being done.


Here’s a sampling of books.

And here’s the one attempt I made at one point toward having a “proper” writing space:

Writing flair

They say “Imagine, Create, Inspire” and I never ever look at them.

So, what do you think, Squiders? Do you need a writing space? Or is that time that could be better used actually writing?

9 responses to this post.

  1. All I need is to be comfortable and free of distractions.
    (Whether or not somebody else watching TV or playing a game in the same room is too much of a distraction depends on what I’m writing.)


  2. Thanks for sharing your pic. We don’t have a study in our house, just a few different places to work from. Currently – the kitchen bench. This morning, the picnic table in the front yard with the rabbit sniffing my feet. Afternoon, editing my book at the dining table with tennis on in the background … had to put earphones in for that. (Sounds of waterfalls and oceans are my favourite for editing).


    • Outside is lovely but I find it hard to concentrate–too much to look at, probably. (What I listen to while writing/editing varies by project, but waterfalls and the ocean sound lovely. Do you have a CD, or someplace on the Internet that you find them?)


      • Hi Kit – I bought an ocean/rivers white noise album off iTunes

      • Hi Kit – I pressed send too soon on that last reply. 🙂 I bought an album off itunes – white noise oceans/rivers. I reckon there are probably cheaper options around on the internet, but I figured 80/20 rule – grab the soundtrack for a few dollars and spend the time saved on what I really enjoy. I’ve found some ocean videos on You Tube which are relaxing to have playing while I’m in the kitchen cooking.

      • Awesome–thanks for the info!

  3. My writing space is under the stairs because it’s the only space my pc will go. I hate it. I need a laptop instead to free me. I’d love not to bump my head!


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