Ta Da Tuesday (and SFWA’s New Membership Guidelines)

I got an email this morning from D’vorah Lansky (who is a writing/marketing professional) talking about it being Ta Da Tuesday. The idea is that, instead of a To Do list, you make a Ta Da list and celebrate your recent accomplishments.

It’s a nice idea. I think too many of us get bogged down in things going wrong, or get depressed when it seems like we’re not making any progress.

So here’s three things I’ve accomplished lately:

  • I finished the first draft of my nonfic book, found betas, and sent it out to them.
  • I finished a scrapbook I had been working on for almost three years.
  • I got through the doom!chapter in my edit and am two or three hours of work away from being done, hooray!

Okay, now your turn. What are three things you’ve accomplished lately?

In other news, (and maybe you’ve already heard this) the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have announced that, starting March 1, they’re changing their guidelines to allow self and indie published authors membership.

The new guidelines won’t be up until March, but it seems like it will be based on how much money an author is making off of their stories, regardless of how they were published.

What do you think of this development, Squiders? Yay for recognizing new forms of publishing? Nay for focusing on monetary rewards instead of literary merit? Other opinions about SFWA in general?

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