When You Really Want to Read a Book

Maybe you don’t do this, Squiders. Maybe I am alone in my oddity. But there are times, when I’m staring at my bookcase, trying to decide on what to read next, when I’ll look at a book.

And I’ll say, “Man, I bet I’m really going to like that book.”

And then I’ll back off, and say, “Man, since I’m going to like it so much, maybe I shouldn’t read it yet. Maybe I should wait, so I can savor it, so I can make sure reading it is going to count.”

And then, “I mean, it’ll get in my head. I’ll love the characters. I’ll think about it for days afterwards, and I just can’t commit to that right now.”

And then I’ll pick out something else, something that is less of a perfect fit, something that I’m less excited about, and read that instead, and sometimes it’s forever before I get to that book that seems like I’m going to love it.

I just realized I did this yesterday. I have a book that has been highly recommended to me by a few different friends, a science fiction novel from the ’70s called The Voyage of the Space Beagle (the last friend said it was even better than the original series of Star Trek which is, frankly, sacrilege, but man did it catch my interest). It’s sitting right here. On my desk. I can see it.

Yesterday I needed to start a new book. I stared at the Space Beagle, got really excited, and then went and picked something else out.

Isn’t this madness? Why on Earth would I pick a book I kind of want to read over a book I really want to read? Is some form of self-punishment? Am I, subconsciously, gravitating towards books I know I can probably get rid of after I read them, thus clearing up room for more books?

Whatever it is, it really has to stop.

What about you, Squiders? Do you get all weird when confronted with a book you’re excited about? Have you worked past this inanity? If you can just pick up an anticipated book and go, can you give me some tips?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh man, all the freaking time. >..> It basically ties into a lot of issues for me that I’m trying to work on.


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