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Today’s been rough, Squiders, so for the sake of my poor brain, I’m going to keep this simple and go through some of the speculative fiction stuff I’ve been consuming lately.

1) Forever
Forever is a crime procedural/supernatural show on ABC. I started watching it because a friend is obsessed, and I’m glad I did. I did binge the whole season (the finale is on next Tuesday) in about a week in a half, but I really like it. I like all the characters, I like the way they’ve twisted the crime procedural and supernatural plots together (especially since so many shows keep them separate, for some reason. Why mix genres if you’re not actually going to mix genres?), I like the writing. It’s one of the best scripted shows I’ve seen recently, and the cast is brilliant and I love them all. Unfortunately, the show is in a dead time slot and ABC has done a crap job advertising it, so it seems like a lot of people have missed it. But I highly recommend it, and I also recommend starting from the beginning so you can watch the story unfold.

2) The Queen of the Tearling
The Queen of the Tearling is a fantasy (???) novel that came out last year by Erika Johansen. My BIL recommended it to me at Christmas, and I finally got around to reading it (well, my library got a physical copy for me to check out). I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s very much a set-up novel, but there’s enough hints of stuff happening in the background to keep you interested and reading. I’m very much intrigued about the world-building. The setting and the plot are very much fantasy, but there are hints that it might be science fiction, or possibly alternative history. And I admit that it annoys me that I can’t tell, but I did enjoy the book enough that I will pick up the next one when it comes out.

3) Welcome to Night Vale
I was all caught up on Night Vale as of last October or so, and then I stopped listening. Not sure why–easily distracted, partially, and I think it may have been because they had a really interesting story arc going for several episodes, leading up to the 50th episode, and then, afterwards, they went back to their normal format, and I found it kind of a letdown. But I’ve started listening again (picking up where I left off), and either because there’s some distance between me and that story arc, or because they’re dangling the occasional tie to past events, I’m enjoying it again. Give me a week or two and I should be caught up to present day.

How about you, Squiders? Anything interesting you’ve read/seen/listened to lately? Any comments of anything I’ve read/seen/listened to?

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  1. I just recently read Station Eleven, by Emily St John Mandel, and found it lovely. It’s post-apocalyptic – with some sections flashing back to various points before the apocalypse – with lots of separate storylines slowly coming together, and it’s just… yeah. I love how it takes its time about things, and centers its story on completely average people. Instead of focusing on soldiers or hard-core survivalists and whatnot, Station Eleven is the story of what happens to office workers, secretaries, actors, musicians and out-of-work journalists after the apocalypse.

    Other than that… it’s mostly been podcasts. I’m all caught up on Night Vale, and am keeping current on a bunch of history podcasts (The British History Podcast, Revolutions, History of Byzantium, History of Philosophy) and am working myself up to being current on History of the Crusades.


    • I have heard of Station Eleven but haven’t put it on my list because I’m not a huge post-apocalyptic person. Would you recommend it to people who don’t normally like that genre?


  2. Posted by Wordsmith416 on 2015/04/29 at 1:25 AM

    Somehow, I missed the Alex Verus books. Reading the first of that series now, and enjoying it a lot. For TV, nothing really new (except that “Daredevil” is the best thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done to date), Still living for the next episode of “the Flash,” which is still actually better than “Daredevil.” I’m not a podcast person (that’s what Night Vale is, right?), so no input, there.


    • I’ve missed the Alex Verus books too. What genre are they?

      I’m not really a podcast person either, but they seem to be growing in popularity.


      • Posted by Wordsmith416 on 2015/04/29 at 11:31 AM

        The Alex Verus books are urban fantasy. They’re by an Englishman named Benedict Jacka. The first one is called “Fated,” and it’s definitely got my interest.

        I misstated myself a bit, I think, in reference to podcasts; I actively dislike the format, for admittedly illogical reasons. (A friend started on. He has achieved a bit over a thousand listeners after YEARS of doing it, and has become an egotistical twit, thanks to this. [I did say it was illogical….])

      • I’ll have to look into them.

        It’s always a little sad when one person (or a few people) manage to ruin something. It never is logical, is it? Sorry about your egotistical twit of a friend. 😉

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