A Lack of Focus

Oh, Squiders. Normally I’m so good at multitasking. And then I go through bouts where I can’t seem to focus long enough on anything to make any progress.

Take June, for example. I had four goals.

  1. Finish a short story (related to CoHaR) that will go up on Turtleduck Press’s website in August.
  2. Write most of a story for a space princess anthology (first drafts due July 15).
  3. Get to the conflict remapping stage of the edit/revision on the first draft of my Trilogy book one.
  4. Finalize the new description for Shards.

I did write my short story. I started the space princess story (which is currently sitting at ~2600 words, which should tell you how that went). I read the current draft of my editing project (back in May). I wrote two drafts of a Shards description.

Aside from the short story (which is fairly short, under 2K), I didn’t really get squat done. I can’t quite figure out what I spent my time doing.

Even today hasn’t gone so well. I sat down at the computer two hours ago with the intent of doing an hour and a half of paid editing and writing this blog post. I’ve done ~70 minutes of work and am about half way through this post. I have also talked to my mother twice (who wants to buy the larger, mobile one clothes for his birthday even though he does not need clothes), did some work on a different paying job that was not planned for today, and, quite honestly, I don’t know what else.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement.

I think a lot of it may be because the larger, mobile one is out of school for the summer and going stir crazy, and so is also driving me stir crazy. We’ve got him in some summer classes, one at the rec center on Mondays and one at his school on Wednesdays, but there is no longer enough structure in his life or something.

Well, if nothing else, it will give me an excuse to try out some things for a book I’m writing. But I may go mad in the meantime.

In other news, Smashwords is doing some sort of sale, so if you go direct to their website, you can get Hidden Worlds for free or Shards for a dollar. They’ve got every ebook format you can want, so head over that way or miss out! The sale goes through the end of the month.

Tips for focusing around children, Squiders?

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