Musical Interlude

Let’s continue our never-ending attempt to see if I can get YouTube videos to embed here.

You guys know that I think music is an excellent way to help you get tone and mood when writing, and depending on what you’re listening to, can also help inspire scenes, characterization, or even whole plotlines.

I’ve got a ton of work on my hands at the moment, so today I’m going to share five songs that I’ve recently heard on the radio that have caught my interest (not necessarily from a story-telling point of view). Some of you guys may find some inspiration in them. Let me know in the comments if you’ve heard these and what you think of them.

First up: Cheap Thrills by Sia

I like the beat but this one is sadly starting to enter “overplayed” territory ’round these parts. Oh! I also take absolutely no responsibility for the music videos.

Next: Just Like fire by Pink

It’s sad that this song is linked to what I hear is a terrible movie, but alas.

On to: Critical Mistakes by 888

My husband tells me this video is sad though I have not watched it myself. This is a local band, as is the next one, I believe.

Onwards: Your Love Could Start a War by the Unlikely Candidates

This one is the most plotty for me, personally.

And finally: Tell Me Baby by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

I know this is an older song, but for some reason it’s been getting a lot of airtime lately, which reminds me that I like the chorus.

Any good songs you’ve heard lately? Share!


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