Where is the Best Place to Write?

We’ve talked about writing locations before, Squiders, about libraries and coffee shops and home offices and whatnot. We’ve talked about setting up our own and what mine looks like (though the images seem to have been eaten in the website hacking snafu of October 2016) and talked about the pros and cons of different locations.

But recently, when I was on my way out to the coffee shop for writing again, my husband asked if I was really more efficient when I went out. And, to be honest, I didn’t know. I do like coffee shops because they allow me to escape from the house and because I like coffee (and tea, and hot cocoa, and iced tea, and…) but I don’t actually know that I am more productive than I am sitting at home in the office, for example.

So I’ve made a spreadsheet.

Have I concluded anything? Not yet. I suspect I need a lot more data (and I’ve been lazy this week as you can see), and I’m wondering if I need a few more columns. (I also need to be consistent on times–I’m trying to do 24hr time so it’s clear when I’m writing in the evening vs the morning to see if time of day is a factor–but I can see off the top of my head that at least the second entry on the 4th needs to be changed to evening.)

I’m also not sure if converting to words/hour is helpful. Like, that fifteen minutes at the library on the third. Would my output have been the same had I written for the full hour? Hard to say. Maybe things were really flowing. Or maybe I would have hit a block 100 words later.

Another thing that may be unduly influencing things is where I am. Some scenes are almost word for word reused from the last draft, so I’m just modifying wording or adding in a little more nuance this time through, and that certainly goes much faster. Some scenes are brand new and difficult (ala the entry on the second) and that really eats my word count.

Is word count even a good marker for telling how much I’m getting done? Not sure what else to use.

Well, I’m at 94K for the rewrite now, and I’m making decent progress, so perhaps in a month we’ll be done (finally!) and I can work on a different project which might be more consistent on scene difficulty. (That probably doesn’t exist.)

Thoughts, squiders? Better way to track? Maybe a column for “how was the flow today” with a scale to 1-10.

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  1. I’m probably just stupid, but what’s EG? *^^* I usually write at home, mostly because I don’t really have anywhere else to go. I’d feel weird in a Korean library. Heck, I’d feel weird in public anyway. And I need silence. I write at coffee shops when I have to, but the music messes up my vibe. Especially when I am trying to write something violent. 😀 Wrote an action heavy scene once when there was Xmas music playing in the background. Awkward~ Of course, home has it’s own problems. Mostly cats demanding attention and for me to let them into the bathroom to drink from the bathtub. Because they clearly understand what is important.


    • Oh! It’s just a local coffee shop (they have two locations, so the full name and location gets quite long and I abbreviated it).

      I’m pretty good about tuning out background music, but if it’s proving distracting, I pop on my own music. (Have you tried symphonic metal? Excellent for violent scenes. And other things.) I count myself eternally grateful that I can concentrate with music on (or use music to help enhance tone/mood). Is all music distracting?

      So you’re living in Korea? Is it crazy with the Olympics going on?

      (Also, cats. I understand.)


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