The Podcasts, Oh No

A few weeks back we talked about getting back into podcasts, and I mentioned three I was listening to and enjoying.

Well, squiders, the whole thing has been a mistake. By which I mean, it’s become a huge time sink.

My three podcasts are up to six. Since the last post I’ve added:


Well, technically I didn’t add Limetown. When I logged back into my podcast app after my three-year absence, it was already in my saved programs. I have no recollection of adding it, but hey, it is my favorite mix of mystery/horror/fake journalism. I’ve listened to about a third of the first season, and I do like it. But it and Tanis are pretty similar, so I’m trying not to mix the two.

And then two I’ve added but have yet to listen to:

The Once and Future Nerd

I did start this one on the way over here, but there were a surprising amount of cuss words and I had a child in the car, so I turned it off. I got this (and the following one) off a list of best fantasy podcasts. Most of the ones on the list were taped D&D sessions, which are not my jam, but this one is a story, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s been going forever, though, so it’s going to be a pain to catch up on. Also, not impressed in the two minutes I’ve listened to, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Inn Between

I really haven’t started listening to this one, but it’s not that old, so at least it won’t take forever to listen to. And the episodes are short, thank the Lord. The list sold this as what happens at the inn in between adventures. Hopefully there will be less cussing.

The biggest issue has been Tanis, which I mentioned last time, and is one of these mystery/horror stories presented as a radio show. I got super invested in it, so I started listening to it when I had a few minutes here or there, but you can’t just listen to part of an episode, and the episodes are long–35 to 45 minutes–and you get the point.

I think I listened to three episodes yesterday instead of, you know, writing.

But I’ve gotten to the end of the first season, so in theory I’m going to listen to Limetown and catch up on some of the podcasts without seasons (and thank goodness for seasons, it’s very nice to have a designated break point).

Or, also in theory, I will break and start the second season and everything else will languish.

The second issue is the Myths and Legends podcast which, while a more reasonable 25-35 minutes per episode and usually tame enough that I’m not going to traumatize the small, mobile ones if it’s on the radio in the car, tends to tell stories in multi-episode chunks. Right now I have a 3-part King Arthur episode downloaded.

Anyway, tl;dr–I’m spending my time listening to podcasts instead of, you know, reading the SIX BOOKS I’m in the middle of, or writing.

Advice on how to stop when I need to, squiders?

(I almost asked for podcast recommendations, but then I realized that was a TERRIBLE idea.)

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