What Order Do You Listen to Your Podcasts in?

I mean, I suppose it’s possible that you are caught up on all the podcasts you listen to and then it doesn’t matter.

(How? I was only listening to one and I still got three years behind.)

For those of you paying attention, here are the current podcasts, and the years they’ve operated (and where I am in them):

  • Welcome to Night Vale (2012 to Present, currently in 2017)
  • The Once and Future Nerd (2013 to Present, currently in 2014)
  • Myths and Legends (2015 to Present, currently in 2015)
  • Limetown (2015 to 2018, currently in 2018)
  • Tanis (2015 to 2018, currently in 2016)
  • Inn Between (2018 to Present, fully caught up)
  • Start with This (2019, have listened to trailer)

I want to listen to them oldest to newest and, indeed, that’s how my app stores them. But then the issue is that you get a lot of whatever you’re farthest behind on (The Once and Future Nerd currently) and not a lot of the others.

If I jump around a lot, then the app gets confused and plays what is normally not the next episode of a show (I got halfway through episode 203 of Tanis yesterday and then realized I had not listened to episode 202) which is also not awesome.

All of the story-based ones (Tanis, Limetown, and Inn Between) use seasons, so there can be a sizable break between seasons (Limetown season 1 was in 2015 while season 2 didn’t start til 2018, for example). Once and Future Nerd is operating in chapters/books, so it makes sense to listen to an entire chapter at a time, even if it’s 4 or 5 episodes long.

Myths and Legends has put out an episode every week for the last four years, and has the largest volume of episodes, so it’s the hardest to catch up on, especially since episodes don’t always easily flow from one to the other and they tend to be long (between 30 and 40 minutes).

Night Vale goes every two weeks, but since I was up to date before I stopped listening, I’m not that far behind in the great scheme of things. And Start With This is literally two years old, so there’s all of about five episodes.

It doesn’t help that I can’t really listen to any of them with the kids in the car (Inn Between is pretty good, though a little violent at times, as expected from a gang of adventures, but we’ve run out of episodes now and shall have to wait until they start next season).

(I have started listening to them while I cook dinner, which is pretty good, although sometimes it is too loud to hear.)

So, what do you think, squiders? Should I do a number of episodes from a podcast in a row and then move to the next one? Do all of one series and let the others languish? Do one episode from each and just keep going until we catch up on all of them (letting the ones with fewer episodes drop out of rotation when we catch up)?

Also, can you believe summer is almost here? (Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, and then, can you believe winter is almost here?)

4 responses to this post.

  1. I always get into a podcast late. I don’t go back and start from the beginning, but I do tend to skim for topics that sound interesting. But I don’t listed to story serials, usually science or topical series.


    • Yeah, I do that with writing and marketing podcasts, when I’m listening to them. No reason to listen to something that doesn’t interest/isn’t applicable to you.


  2. Can’t identify. Almost all of the podcasts I listen to are news related, so going back wouldn’t accomplish much. Even when it comes to the ones that aren’t (paranormal podcast) I didn’t bother catching up. I say just chuck it.


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