Worry Pets

As you know, squiders (har har), I keep a Pinterest board with various craft project ideas on it (it’s here, for the curious) and occasionally, the small, mobile ones and I do some of them.

This week we made worry pets.

Aren’t they adorable? From left to right, we have WorWor, Wor, and Hans. (We’re still working on naming.)

They were really easy–we got all three done in an hour, even with “help,” and the small, mobile ones could do a lot of them by themselves (putting on the eyes, pouring in the pellets, handsewing the closure).

And they’re pretty great in general, very soft, pleasing weight to them, excellent for calming. (One of the small, mobile ones is on the spectrum, which is why we made them in the first place, but I’m finding mine to work for me as well.)

So, hey, if you’re looking for a quick, fun project that gives you something that’s actually useful, I’d recommend this one. The tutorial is here.

I’m pondering making everyone capes for the fall. Everyone likes capes, right?

3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m not sure about the names… Except Hans, you’d better keep Hans. 😀


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