I’m Not Ignoring You, I’m Just Digging Through My Past

Yes, yes, I know I said one week off for the holidays, and it’s been two.

I blame my computer.

Well, more specifically, I blame a number of things that have made it so I couldn’t get at my computer.

It started the weekend before Christmas, when my spouse decided he didn’t want mess visible when friends came over and so buried my desk and chair in it instead (it was behind a wall, so out of sight). And blocked my access to desk/chair by putting the filing cabinet in the way.

And then, you know, Christmas.

And then the spouse decided the office was a place where things went to clutter and had a bit of breakdown, which resulted in me trying to re-arrange things to make the clutter less obvious.

Which did not work.

(Meanwhile, my desk/chair are still buried/blocked.)

So I did some research on storage solutions, made several layouts with different desks/bookcases, and eventually we picked one and went to get furniture.

Which was an unmitigated disaster.

While I had picked furniture from a specific place (IKEA), we agreed it wouldn’t hurt to try a few other places as well, which turned into us going into every furniture store between here and IKEA (surprisingly a lot) even though most of them were too expensive/the wrong style/didn’t even sell office furniture.

By the time we finally got to IKEA, we were exhausted, so we went home.

And the next morning, we went back. We examined all the color options, made storage bin decisions, and came away with a plan for at least the storage part, if not the desk part. But by the time we made it to the warehouse to pick up the bookcases, the color we wanted sold out.

So we went home again. But later that night, my spouse had come up with a new plan, so we went back and bought bookcases in a different color, and came home again.

At which point spouse decided he hated everything and wanted to return it all and, I dunno, wallow in the clutter.

So, long story short (too late), I have been to IKEA six times in fives days. I have changed out colors of various things, sizes of bookcases for other sizes, returned a number of bins (we can’t count, apparently) and also returned a number of impulse buys (IKEA is dangerous that way).

But I do now have storage shelves bought and built, and a desk (smaller, so it’s harder to let clutter build up on it), and also coincidentally have a new monitor, keyboard, and mouse, because it’s hard to stop the spouse once he gets going.

Right now, my set-up looks like this.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20200104_121453001.jpg

Looks pretty nice, right?

But what you don’t see is this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20200104_121434888.jpg

This is my dining room right now, which currently has everything from the office that has not been put back in the office. It looks so bad because I’ve been going through bins and drawers and whatnot to see what’s in there.

And, good Lord, it’s my entire adult life. Sticky notes with random story ideas that are no longer connected to any context. Letters from people I lost contact with years ago. Presentations and homework from college. My first Myers-Briggs test from my first job after school. Old drafts of stories that have since been rewritten. Workouts cut out of magazines a decade ago that I’ve never done once. Newspapers of various things (including an article about Nano from 2006 featuring a picture of me, and a different one of just my hands typing). So much stuff, just shoved in a bin or a drawer or wherever, and then forgotten.

And it’s hard slogging. Do I throw this stuff away, knowing I haven’t touched it in years? Do I keep some, to remember again next time I go through my stuff? How many mementos of your life can you keep before it overwhelms your present?

So, anyway, I’m digging through that. And through everything that built up while I didn’t have computer access. But I am moving, and by Tuesday I should be back on our normal schedule, fingers crossed.

How were your holidays, squiders?

2 responses to this post.

  1. “Can’t have a mess visible” — whole reason we never have visitors at my house. The mess cannot be rectified.


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