Obligatory Looking Forward and Looking Back

Okay! Back to work, squiders.

Here we are, starting the second week of the new year, and I am just starting to get going. I’m going to blame a majority of that on the small, mobile ones, but now they’re back in school, so I have no excuse.

2019 was pretty good, all things considered. Accomplishments:

  • I had five short stories published (two in anthologies, here and here, one in a magazine, and two, here and here, over at Turtleduck Press).
  • I published four nonfiction writing process books and three associated workbooks. (Books: here, here, here, here; workbooks: here, here, here)
  • I tried and won Nanowrimo for the first time in five years.
  • I finished the serial novel I’d been working on for ten years.
  • I made a dummy for a picture book, edited it, created some finalized illustrations for a portfolio, and put together a list of agents to query, as well as doing general research on picture book publishing.
  • I started three novel/novella drafts, oops.
  • I re-did my freaking newsletter and fixed all the automations.

Not too shabby! Now, looking forward–I told you guys last month I picked my word for 2020, and it’s education. My main focus is going to be on learning and improving my craft, and experimenting with new things to see what works the best.

I think it will be refreshing, honestly. Less focus on publishing and polishing and marketing, and more on doing what I can to improve.

Also, a very major medical issue has popped up that will probably take up a ton of my time, so this takes some of the pressure off to do do do do do do.

That being, said, here’s what I’d like to get done this year:

  • Finish at least the first draft of the four currently unfinished drafts (World’s Edge, the CoHaR sequel, and then the very imaginatively named Scifi Horror 2019 and Changeling Story)
  • Publish the final three (and 1 workbook) nonfiction books
  • Publish at least three more SkillShare classes
  • Submit the picture book for publication

And, you know, other things. Writing to prompts for practice, figuring out a potential day job for when both small, mobile ones are in school full-time in the fall. Making a dent in the writing books I’ve been accumulating for a few years. Maybe trying my hand at a cozy mystery. Stuff like that.

No pressure, right?

What about you, squiders? Any plans for 2020? Did you pick a word? It seems to be a popular idea, at least around my social circle.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like you had a productive 2019. Here’s to an even better 2020!


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