The Good Thing About Going Through the Detritus of Your Life…

…is that sometimes you find things you really should use.

Like gift cards you’ve apparently been hoarding.

Gift cards to Barnes and Noble.

Gift cards that will allow you to…buy new books.

In case you missed my post a few Saturdays ago, part of the reason my winter break-break went longer than expected is that we decided, unplanned, to redo the office (which is where I work, most of the time). It was one of those rooms where things go to lurk forever, and it had gotten bad.

(I am happy to report that everything has been gone through, for the most part, and is its new home, except I need to do some filing and figure out where the craft drawers should make their new home.)

I’d apparently been hoarding gift cards in one of my desk drawers. I came out with three B&N gift cards, one Amazon gift card, one Nike store gift card (??????), and one gift card good for 500 points in the Nintendo Wii store, which tells you how long they’ve been hiding in there.

Now, it seemed like a mistake to put them somewhere else to waste away, so I took my B&N cards and headed out to my local B&N to acquire sustenance new books.

And I came home with 5 shiny, brand new books, and I still have over half the money left on my gift cards, so, uhhhhh. I dunno. Five books seemed like a good amount, but apparently I should have bought more? I understand that this is the opposite of a problem but I just don’t read that fast.

(Also, I was not 100% sure how much money was on the gift cards, and I didn’t want to load up with $100 of books only to find I only had $50, for example.)

(The books I got were:

  • Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest, Holly Black
  • The Memory Thief, Lauren Mansy
  • The Haunting of Ashburn House, Darcy Coates
  • Bringing Down the Duke, Evie Dunmore)

I wish I could say I found a lot of other great things that I’d forgotten about that I can now use, but alas. Most of that stuff was tucked away for a reason.

However, the new office set-up is great. (Better feng shui, the spouse says. I know nothing about any of that.) So hopefully I’ll be more productive with the new set-up.

At least I know nothing’s lurking. (Or, not yet.)

Read any good books lately, squiders?

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