Help! There’s Too Much Free Content!

Oh, hey, first of all, I remembered another Eurovision song that stood out to me. It’s Feker Libi by Eden Alene, representing Israel.

(Yes, Israel is allowed to participate in Eurovision despite not being in Europe. And so is Australia which…I don’t even know.)

(Also, I wrote down my favorite countries for this year, and now I cannot find the list anywhere. What the heck? It was right here on my desk and now it is MIA.)

Feker Libi by Eden Alene

But anyway.

Have you guys noticed that there’s a ton of free content floating around since everything locked down in mid-March? Webinars. Concerts. Whole plays and/or musicals. Special shows from groups like Cirque du Soleil. Classes on everything you could possibly want. Even my alma mater is doing free lectures, conveniently hosted over Zoom.

And the stuff for the small, mobile ones. Lord. Every service remotely related to learning put out a ton of stuff. Educational videos. Virtual field trips. Math and reading and art projects.

And I’ve been hoarding them. Well, not the stuff for the small, mobile ones. (Though I do still have a video from my father-in-law sitting in my inbox that I may, eventually, put on for them.) I did at first, worried about them being home and me needing to teach them. But then the virtual assignments started coming in from their teachers, and I found we didn’t really have time for any of the rest of that, in the end.

(We did do a virtual tour of the Winchester Mystery House. That was pretty good. I’ve been there a few times in person–including a flashlight tour on Halloween one year–and the virtual tour covered most of what you’d get from actually being there.)

I even made a list, right at the beginning, of things we could do to entertain ourselves. We’ve done a few–online storytime and making a blanket fort–but for the most part, they remain undone.

But even as I found that I didn’t need things for the small, mobile ones, and that I, too, have plenty to do, it hasn’t stopped me from hoarding some for me. They’re such great opportunities! I could learn so much!

Except now I have literal hours’, if not days’, worth of stuff to watch. And no real time to do so.

Are you running into this too? How do you deal with it? Do I delete the lot of it, knowing I don’t really have time? Do I ration it, a little of something every day, until I get through? How do I know from looking what is going to be worth my time versus what isn’t?

It’s kind of like downloading books cuz they’re available for free, and then never reading them.

Anyway, I’m trying to wade through my unread emails in my inbox and it is daunting.

How are you?

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