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The Year of Doing

I feel like I should get my act together. Sure, I’ve sold a good amount of shorts in the past year (I sold one today, hoorah) but I’m starting to think that I’m using them to procrastinate my real goals – like, why edit my YA paranormal novel when I can whip out a short story about Norse gods pretending to be private eyes? Yet the novel writing is what I love and I want to get more out into the world.

Drastic measures may be needed.

I would like to get at least two novels ready to go this year: one for submission to agents, and one for submission to Turtleduck Press. Obviously I can’t trust myself to get things done on my own, so monthly steps need to be taken.

Those are my goals for the Year of Doing, and I thought I would invite others – no matter what your big goals for 2012 are – to post you big goals here, and every month we’ll check in and see how progress is going. If you know specifically what you’re going to do for your monthly steps, you can post them here as well.

So what do you want to get done, Squiders?

Looking Forward to 2012

Well, Squiders, now that we’ve got the year-end administrative stuff out of the way, we have a whole glorious new year in front of us, full of potential and hopes and dreams.

I’d like your feedback on what you’d like to see this year.  I’ll stick in a poll for ease, but if you have anything else you’d like to add in the comments, don’t be shy!  The Landsquid doesn’t bite, he has no teeth.

I’ll admit that I’m about out of subgenres, so I don’t know how much longer that will continue, but I have some ideas for fun things for the year.  Have at it!