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Over-arcing Universes

So, I promised myself I wasn’t going to write another Avengers-related post (I watched Captain America yesterday, so I am almost caught up with everything now), but pondering how all the movies fit together, and how they leave little hints in each one that relate to all the others, and knowing that there’s tons of additional superheroes and villains that fit into the same universe made me think about the good, and the bad, things about over-arcing universes.

An over-arcing universe is a large universe in which there are many stories. These can be, like the Marvel Universe, several originally independent stories that have been twisted into a single universe. They can be single author works, where said author has explored the history of a world across generations. They can be single television shows with decades of history.

The defining point is that there are a lot of stories, and there are hints of the other stories in each story, whether it’s a name drop of a character or the reminder of a plot point. Sometimes a character that was the main character in a different story is a side character in a new story, and sometimes you have true crossovers, where characters that don’t normally interact must work together.

Sometimes they’re organic, where things just get added into the mix over time, and sometimes they’re more planned, like the Star Wars extended universe.

The nice thing about these large universes is that they can be very complex and, for people who are familiar with them, the hints and mentions can be a nice treat.

The bad things about these large universes is that they can be contradictory when different stories are forced to work together, and they can become so large that it’s impossible to keep track of everything.

I’m sure you can think of tons of examples, in role-playing games, books, movies, comics, television shows…but which are your favorite, Squiders?

So I Finally Saw the Avengers

Actually, it was a week ago, but the point still stands. And I know I am extremely behind the times, and everyone else who actually cares about the whole Marvel movies thing saw it a long, long time ago.

(In my defense, I was eight months pregnant when it came out in theaters.)

(Also, I’m still deep into my comfort cozy mysteries, so I have nothing to talk about on the reading front except that I am less than pleased with my library’s ebook reader app. It crashed about halfway through the book and then wouldn’t work for the next seven hours.)

You guys know I’m not wild about the whole superhero subgenre, but I really enjoyed the movie. I was a little lost at the beginning because I’ve only seen the first Iron Man and Thor movies previously, but other than that, I thought it was highly entertaining. 

I suspect I liked it so much because so much time was spent not fighting. They had so many characters to pull in, and each character came across as an interesting person, and it was really enjoyable to see them interact. 

And I’m a little sad because I’ve missed the fandom surge that tends to follow a movie like that. Said fandom has moved on to the new Iron Man and Thor movies, and Agents of SHIELD. So, perhaps fortunately, it’s not easy to immerse myself in fandom like I tend to do when I find something I really like.

I mean, I do have a book coming out in two weeks. And then there’s the holidays coming up. So it’s probably for the best.

Have you seen the Avengers, squiders? If you are a fan of superhero movies, how did it stack up against other superhero movies? (And which of the Marvel movies is your favorite?) If you’re not a fan of superhero movies, did you like or dislike it, and why?