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A Medley of Arts

I have a confession. I hang with the infamous Ian on a fairly regular basis, usually every other Wednesday, and a lot of times we will brainstorm blog post ideas, which is why Wednesday posts tend to be a little odd or why, if you read both our blogs, we seem to be oddly in sync at times. (Ceiling turtles. Just saying.)

Today we were waxing poetic on our thespian days (well, I related a story about Macbeth’s blood and how the theater then caught fire, and he told me about secret passages and trap doors) and I realized that a lot of the writers I talk to also have a strong interest in another creative venue. It may be acting, like Ian and me, or it might be drawing, knitting, painting, dancing, music – you get the point. It seems like creative people just tend to gravitate towards creative activities, and a lot of time, will try out a variety and possibly cycle between multiple arts.

I’ve also found that they tend to be doing at least one at any point in time, even if it’s not the main ones. Most writers, even if they’re not writing at that particular point in time, will be doing something creative, whether it’s trying their hand at drawing a comic book, planning their wedding, painting their nursery or crocheting cephalopods.

And they always seem willing to try something new as well. Usually the response to someone starting a new project or challenge is “Oh, that’s interesting, I will try it as well!”

Which leads us to having too many projects going at once, but you know what? I think we thrive on it.

What do you think, Squiders? Any new things caught your fancy lately?