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Alpaca vs Landsquid: The Results (Plus the Comfort Books Theory)

Anne reminded me yesterday that I’d never truly ended the Alpaca/Landsquid/Sky Shark battle in any sort of fashion.

For those of you too lazy to go and find the results of the poll (myself included), here’s how things resolved themselves.

30% of people voted for the Landsquid.
35% of people voted for the Alpaca.
35% of people voted for the Sky Shark.

Now, I was pleased that everyone was so close, but Anne informs me that the Sky Shark should have won handily and only didn’t because Ian was strong-arming people into voting for the Alpaca, and I’ve got a Landsquid who won’t come and help me do anything because he’s sulking with a box of Cheez-Its and a bottle of whiskey under the stairs.  So.

As to the Comfort Book theory, my theory was that people’s comfort books would either be something they read very early on in life or would be something that they’d read during a difficult time period, but I don’t think I got enough data to make any sort of conclusions on that front.

Comfort Books

Sometimes life kicks you in the stomach and then sits on you and pokes you repeatedly in the face.

Those times sucks.

It seems to be human instinct to wallow, at least for a short while, during these times.  To lay on the couch eating ice cream by the pint while watching bad daytime soap operas.  (I imagine back in the 1700s it was probably more fashionable to spend days on the fainting couch and complain of nerve issues.  Before that people, I don’t know, invented poetry or something.)

And we develop coping mechanisms.  Movies, games, people, books that we count on to, if not cheer us up, at least make things feel a little better for a little while.

I have a theory.  To see if it is true or not, what book do you turn to first when you’re feeling down?  How long has this been your go-to book?

My comfort book is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.  I read it first in middle school and have read it so many times since I can quote large swaths of it from memory.  (I also have fond thoughts of LOTR which helped me through a rough spot in high school, but it doesn’t lend itself too well to general comfort reading.)