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Defiance and Other Scifi TV Shows

We’ve talked in the past, Squiders, about science fiction and television. And we’ve got a new crop trying their hand now. (Personally, I’ve been re-watching DS9. The second season never ends.)

The one that’s caught my eye is Defiance. SyFy’s been advertising the heck out of it, so odds are that you’re aware that it’s coming up. (Starts April 15, in fact, so just over a week from now.)

I admittedly don’t know a lot about the show except that, for some reason, all sorts of races are living together on Earth and Defiance was once St. Louis, and there is some sort of war going on.

Oh, and they’re releasing a MMO to go along with it. (It’s in Beta in Playstation Plus, but I do not pay for Playstation Plus and so I have not played it.) This intrigues me as a marketing idea. On one hand, if the MMO is well-done, it could enhance someone’s experience exponentially. On the other, it’s entirely possible that no one will play the game and it will have been a lot of wasted time and money.

(Oh, hey, apparently the game is live as of Tuesday. Well.)

The show itself, well, I’ll probably give it a try. At least, being on SyFy as opposed to network television, it’ll probably make it to a second season unless it totally sucks, in which case, I probably won’t care.

What scifi are you watching these days, Squiders? Revolution’s second season is coming up too, if I recall correctly, though I didn’t watch the first season.