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A Surplus of Spare Time

I don’t know what to do with myself, Squiders. The husband and the no-longer-that-small, mobile one have gone on a father/son sort of trip, so aside from some contract work (~4 hours worth) and taking care of the very small, nonmobile one, I have the whole weekend to myself.

It’s been years since I’ve had so little responsibility.

The problem is that there’s so much I could do. Here’s a sampling:

  • Writing Activities, including:
    • Write this month’s segment for my serial story
    • Edit a short story I wrote a few weeks back and get it ready for submission
    • Send out a round of short stories to various publications
    • Edit my first nonfic book; outline and start writing the next
    • Work through a flash fiction writing course
    • Brainstorm and outline a series of shorts set in my high fantasy trilogy world
    • Work on (and hopefully finish) my out-loud edit of my YA paranormal novel
    • Plan out the rest of the year in terms of writing goals and plans
  • Marketing Activities, including:
    • Catch up on an author marketing podcast
    • Work on tweaking the description/summary and Amazon categories for Shards
    • Continue putting together my email list
    • Figure out if it’s worth it to continue on Patreon or if I should move those benefits to email list
    • Work through various marketing books/posts/podcasts/webinars I’ve been hoarding
    • Continue poking Pinterest and seeing if I can organize it better
  • Non-writing Activities, including:
    • Catching up on TV, such as Doctor Who, Deep Space Nine, and others
    • Hanging out with friends
    • Getting back to my scrapbooking
    • Doing puzzles
    • Playing computer games
    • Reading

There’s probably more that I’m forgetting. Of course, I can’t get everything done, and I’m a little worried, with so much unstructured time, that I won’t even make a dent. They left at lunch time; this afternoon I’ve taken the car to the dealership (see previous post), picked up a friend’s share of fruit/vegetables from a local farm since they’re out of town, read 50 pages in my current book (The Devil in the White City), and did the final line edit on a short story that will be published on Sept 1. I’ve also half-started a gazillion other things, which doesn’t bode well. Oh, and listened to two and a half episodes of a marketing podcast.

So I need to break things down and focus. Because who knows when I’ll get the chance again?

Suggestions, Squiders? Anything I should do while I’m free?