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The Year of Accountability

Well, Squiders, if you’ve been around the internet at all over the past month (and I’m sure you have), you’ve seen the goal posts. Posts that tell you how to choose goals, how to stick to your goals, how to pick realistic goals, etc.

Those are all wonderful, important things.

But what I want you to do now is think of one ABSOLUTE THING you want to do this year. The one thing where, even if everything else falls by the wayside, if you get it done, it will be a good year. Something like: I want to edit my novel and start submitting it to agents. Or: I am going to finally finish that family cookbook so I can give it out at Christmas. Or: I am going to read the entire works of Mark Twain. Something big.

Not that goals like “I am going to write 300 words a day all year” aren’t good. They’re just not appropriate here. We’re talking Big Picture items.

Got your goal in mind? Your Number One Must Do?


Now tell me about it, here in the comments. If you have a plan forward or a date it MUST be done by, include that. Then, give me some way to keep track of you. Link me to your blog or website, or your Twitter account, and I will stop by periodically to check up on you and your goal.

Sometimes, all we really need, in order to get something done, is someone who cares.

Have at it, Squiders! I am here for you.