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A Bad Week

Tuesday took a distressing turn around these parts, so I’ve not felt up to doing much these last few days.

I did draw you a Landsquid though.

I’m not sure whether we’ll be back on Tuesday or not. Thank you.

Happy Holidays! (Also, a hiatus and landsquid and a typo)

So, I’ve had a chance to actually look at my schedule over the next two weeks, and it is extremely unlikely that I will be able to post next week. So I guess this is my cue to wish everyone a happy holidays, and I shall see you on the flipside in 2017, when we will do year-end/year-beginning stuff for about a week and then dive back into the publishing/submitting posts (where we will discuss self-publishing short stories to begin with.

So, Jan 3. I shall return.

Til then, I was up late making peppermint bark, so I drew you a peppermint bark-making landsquid.

He’s supposed to be eying the Alpaca suspiciously. Oh well. Things to practice. Squinty eyes.

I was talking to a few friends last night about whether or not I should do a holiday post today or whether I should start the year-end stuff, and the general consensus was to do the holiday post, at which point I noted that I would draw a landsquid for the post.

And my dear friend Di said, “LANDQUID.”

So, in celebration of a hilarious typo, I made you all a landquid. Just for you, Di.

landquid--it's terrifying


Happy holidays, everyone! I’ll see you on the other side!

Blog on Hiatus until Sept. 16

I will not be able to keep up the blog while I am in Peru, so I must bid you farewell for now, Squiders.

There will be a post on Sept. 16.

Have a picture of a landsquid.  (With a hat.)