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Why Doodling is Awesome

I have a habit of doodling.  I draw on everything.  I always have, with the exception of college that I can’t really explain except I think perhaps too much physics sucked the joy out of life.  Or something.

I do it at work all the time, which perhaps is ill-advised, especially in big meetings when I am sitting next to someone I do not know and do not know what their job is and he is staring at my notebook wondering why there are landsquid and turtleducks everywhere and no doubt wondering how some crazy person off the street managed to wander into said meeting.

In my defense, I am also somewhat narcoleptic and if I am forced to not move for a few hours I will fall asleep and that is more unprofessional than the stick people dancing amongst my notes.  In college I staved off nap attacks with a ridiculous amount of sudoku games.

So, Kit, I hear you ask, why is doodling so awesome?  Well, let me tell you.

Aside from the ability to keep you awake, it helps you focus.  I do use it in meetings, but it’s helpful to just do, to clear your mind and just draw whatever decides to spring from your pencil.  It’s kind of like free-writing, honestly.  Problems solve themselves.  It is relaxing, and sometimes you end up with something neat that you’re willing to show other people.

It does not, however, help that I have made up a doodlebug song that is now stuck in my head.

Do you doodle, squiders?  Do you find it helps?