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Working Toward Improvement

It’s been one of those weeks, Squiders. I suspect all creative types have them every now and then, the ones where you wonder who you’re kidding. The ones where you wonder why you bother. The ones where you consider giving up said creative activity and becoming a hermit who lives in a cave, spouting vague and incomprehensible advice to all who venture too close.

It’s really hard to get anything done when I’m in a funk. Write? What’s the point, no one will buy it. Edit? What’s the point, no one likes what I write anyway. Blog? What’s the point, no one is getting any insight out of anything.

Even reading’s been sucked in, as I ponder how much better the rest of the world writes, or, alternatively, how some of this drivel gets published, blah blah blah.

It’s depressing. I don’t even want to be around myself.

What I find helps is doing something proactive toward bettering my skills. If I’m not happy with where I am, then do something about it.

I’m considering two options for my current funk. One is applying to one of those writing workshops, where you and however many other writers hole up somewhere for a week or such and people tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to improve your writing. (My inner critic likes to jump in at this point and say, “Yes, but that’s assuming they even accept you and your crap writing.”) The other is a flash fiction course being offered by a woman that I have taken other writing courses from. I am not so great at flash (which is generally described as stories under 1000 words, though it varies by publication)–I’ve only become decent at short stories in the last few years–so maybe giving it a try will help.

What about you, Squiders? What helps when you’re in a self-depreciating funk? And do you have any recommendations to help me get out of mine?

Calm Yourself, Woman

I’m a mess, Squiders. My manuscript–the novel that’s coming out in December–is in my editor’s hands, and it’s the first time I’ve had a novel edited by an actual publication-process editor, and I desperately want her to love it and so I am kind of stalking her all the time to see if she’s talking about it at all on social media.

She’s not. The few times she’s mentioned anything it’s been things like “I started working on Kit’s book today” or “I need to work on Kit’s book tonight” which tells me nothing.

(Or, if my Inner Critic gets involved, it’s that she’s not saying anything else because she doesn’t like it, or it’s a huge mess, or…you get the point.)

Also, I sent my cover artist a copy of the book on the same day, so she can get a feel for the story and work her magic. This is the same artist who did my cover for Hidden Worlds (who coincidentally happens to be my cousin, but I like to think that it’s not nepotism because she does amazing work). And never mind that it hasn’t even been two weeks, but I kind of want to message her all the time to see if she’s done with the book, and whether she liked it.

I am driving myself insane, Squiders.

It’s just…this is my first real novel release, and I want everything to be sparkly and perfect, and right now everything’s out of my hands (aside for working on marketing, which is kind of exciting, but not really) and I’m going a little stircrazy.

So distract me. Offer me fun tidbits to look at or read, or send me platitudes to let me know that I haven’t gone completely insane, or discuss why the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman (nor an empire). Anything!